Casino In Japan Is Challenge Between Mgm And Las Vegas Sands

Not even the time to formalize their proposal, which Las Vegas Sands has already found bread for its teeth. The president of the company, Sheldon Adelson , in a recent interview said he was willing to spend up to 10 billion dollars to secure a license to build a casino victory 996 sg in Japan .

Soon came the response of another international gaming giant, MGM Resorts International. Chief Executive Officer James Murren said his company is also ready to invest $ 5 to $ 10 billion to penetrate what could be the world’s second largest gambling market.

At a conference held in Tokyo on Tuesday, Murren said MGM is ready to ” anticipate the timing of investments to ensure, as we have done in all other countries, that we have facilities that can compete with others .” As is already the case in the joint venture with MGM China, which is present on the Macau market , Murren said that MGM would like to keep at least 51% of any partnerships it may have with a Japanese company.

Precisely because almost all analysts believe that Japan could be lower, in terms of turnover, only in Macau, it is not surprising that Murren, Adelson and other gambling magnates are competing to see who opens the most. wallet. But considering that $ 10 billion is twice the amount these companies spent to open a casino in Macau or Singapore, one wonders what on earth we might find at these new resorts.

Speaking of Sheldon Adelson, it seems that his reputation in Japan is not the best. The local press has painted him as a little humble, because they would prefer to avoid a Japanese partner in his rise to gambling in the country of the rising sun . The Japanese have not digested the doubts expressed by the American about the possibility that a Japanese partner has the same economic availability.

All while the Yokohama police discovered an illegal casino last week that led to the arrest of three organizers and five customers. It seems that Peace – this is the name of the room – was born on the ashes of Mevius , another illegal casino closed by the police last November. Within three months, Peace would have earned $ 1.4 million.

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