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The mayor of Venice, Giorgio Orsoni, resigned and canceled the junta; in Barcelona everything is ready for Barcelona World; Asia ready to attack the land-based gambling market.

Once again it is Venice that takes the limelight, as far as the casino market in Italy is concerned. Except, as has often been happening to her lately, it’s not for something positive. Rather. During the week the mayor Giorgio Orsoni resigned, who canceled the municipal council; a prefect commissioner is coming Meanwhile, the privatization process is definitively blocked.

With a long letter sent to the president and general secretary of the municipality, Giorgio Orsoni resigned from his position as mayor of Venice, an act that is now quite obvious, also because the Democratic Party has pressed for Orsoni to take this decision. At this point, Venice will have to wait for the government to send a prefectural commissioner to ferry the situation until the next elections.

Of course, the situation certainly does not go in favor of the Venice Casino, which at this point is experiencing a moment of total chaos: the tender for the thirty-year concession of the gaming room, at this point, will perhaps be discussed when the aforementioned one arrives. commissioner. Time, meanwhile, continues to pass.

For a Venice that cries, there is a Barcelona that smiles. The Catalan government, in fact, has completed – he does – the tender for the award of six licenses to as many operators, in the context of the creation of Barcellona World, a Las Vegas-style resort that should cost more or less around 4 , 5 billion euros.

Operators interested in managing one of the six planned casinos will have to apply by 25 July, guaranteeing an investment of at least 300 million euros. An expensive operation, of course, but potentially profitable: it seems that Barcelona World, once at full capacity, can attract ten million more tourists every year.

Not even the time to register the fears of the Tokyo governor, who would not want to see casinos built in his region, that Japan has begun to discuss the law that it will open to gambling halls. Almost impossible for a vote to be reached in the summer session, it is more likely that the project will be approved in the fall.

For its part, Malaysia is also not standing by and, according to some local sources, is ready to open the doors to its second casino. And what a casino: we are talking about a mega facility that could cost almost $ 1 billion and that would be built and managed by the Berjaya Group. The name? Berjaya Hills Resort.

By now Italy is so harassed from a fiscal point of view that a week would not be enough to list all the taxes currently in force. The Doxa, however, decided to understand which taxes are least tolerated by Italians, discovering that by far the most hated is the house tax, poorly digested by 56% of the interviewees. In the ranking, in 11th place, there is also the so-called tax on luck, that on gambling winnings over 500 euros: 5% of Italians cannot see it.

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